Mattress Bonding

High Quality Adhesives for Mattress Bonding mattress & pocket spring   Tex Year Europe offers the right bonding adhesives to different mattress production processes. Whenever you apply adhesives automaticlly or manuallly, we can help you select the ideal solution regarding the proper viscosity, open time, operationg temperature, efficeincy and your cost.


FIL-TEX Hot Melt Adhesivesfor Filter Assembly Tex Year supply the ultimate hot melt adhesives for filter industr y, the application includes filter pleat, frame assembly, filter media sealing, end cap sealing, cartridge filling, filter multi-layer assembly, and sealing on filter bag sewing holes. FIL-TEX can be applied to production facilities with wide range of processing Read more about Filter[…]


COR-TEX Adhesive Solutions for Construction Industry In construction industry, building profiles are used as a reinforcement of the wall corners and allow for efficient finishing of polystyrene edges in building insulation systems. Adhesive will bind the net to the profile. In summer, the corner profiles may be easily failure during the transport process because of Read more about Construction[…]