The Ultimate Future Solution for the world of Packaging

INNOVA-TEX is the innovation for packaging applications. Tex Year packaging hot-melt adhesive has different shapes, hot-melt glue pellets for automatic equipment and hot melt glue stick for manual ones. Our packaging hot melt glues have been applied to various carton sealing, box sealing, and tray forming in lots of industries, such as beverage, food, agriculture, pharmacy, bag manufacturing, etc.

Tex Year hot melt adhesive is suitable for all kinds of packaging paper and plastic materials. Our packaging hot-melt glue still can reach its perfect and appropriate strength for various type of coating materials that are hard to be bond, such as PE coated, OPP coated, PP fluted board, PE foam, UV vanish coating materials. In order to meet customers’ requirements of storage and transportation, Tex Year develops packaging hot-melt adhesives from cold to heat resistance. Our customers have wide selection of carton sealing hot melt glue stick as we have various choices of diameter (from 7.4mm, 11.2mm, 15mm, 25mmto 43.6mm), length, open time, and setting time.

We can help you with our full range of solutions and technical knowledge to meet your specific packaging needs on efficiency, bonding strength and safety. Discover our unique grades of INNOVA-TEX  for your very own packaging applications.


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