Tex YEAR bonds to your needs

Our Core Values

Tex Year cares about our valued customers and our environment


Implementation of social care. Promoting environmental protection.


International certification recognition. Implementation of green supply chain.


Innovations and costumer values. Innovative technical service.


We Bond to Your Needs!

Tex Year has started the importing and distribution of advanced adhesives and macromolecular, special chemicals since 1976, followed by the manufacturing and selling of environmental, toxic-free Tex Year® hot melt adhesives and 3 SECONDS®super glue. In recent years, Tex Year not only keeps developing in the fields of hot melt adhesives and special chemicals but also expanding business to the medical equipment of steam autoclave, which has turned Tex Year into a world-famous manufacturer in these domains. Viewing eco-friendly as our first priority, Tex Year devote ourselves in developing products that can meet both the needs of customers and suppliers, and also the demands of international environmental norms and energy conservation.

Why Choose Us

we are bonding expert

World Wide Instant Solutions and Services

TEX YEAR provides reliable and consistent product quality. We have 5 R&D centers and 8 production plants worldwide, which allows us to offer localized technical support and better lead time. With professional pilot production labs, we are able to stimulate customers’ application process for the best tailored products. We are leading the innovative solutions to bond to your needs for your very own industry!


Providing professional hot-melt adhesive services since 1976.